First Manufacturing X Mixxit Industries

First Manufacturing X Mixxit Industries

Let's just jump right into it...

We are proud to announce a collaboration with a really rad company!

First up, is First Manufacturing Co.

As you may (or may not have (CLICK HERE)) noticed... We have created a limited edition riding vest, featured through a new branch; Mixxit Industries Customs.

We are enthusiastic about this partnership because its real. Real as f*ck. East coast represent - with that NY*NJ*FU attitude.. its cool to meet people with a similar outlook on the world, especially when its backed by the fast paced lifestyle and truthful, unspoken dedication.

We had a pretty surreal opportunity to cruise the van way up into the city to meet with the masterminds behind such a complex custom manufacturing company. Followed with a tour, and completion of our FIRST order we are now an Authorized Retailer for FIRST MFG Co. and proud to show off our first collaboration!  *CLICK HERE*

Thank ya'll from FMGco. and we look forward to our future together n' we'll see ya soon!



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