WTF is Mixxit?!

honestly the answer is a little complicated…

Some had thought we were a concrete mixing company, others thought we had something to do with music publication. We used to say we were a decal/lettering service, then got labeled as a full service print shop. We've been referred to as a crew by many, and vividly described as a snowboard related brand to more than we can remember. Sometimes the answer changes from season to season, or what we are doing at that very moment when asked...

I guess, in simple terms, Mixxit may just be a concept

We aren't a normal "lifestyle" brand, or your normal content creators. We don't f*ck with mainstream media and we may not look like model citizens if spotted out in public.

Did you see us at the mountain? Yep, the same ones from the bar last night. Maybe you caught a glimpse of 'one' of our insane weekends at swapmeet, or met one of us at a bonfire. Our stickers have made it worldwide (literally), so chances are you’ll see a few along your travels.

Mixxit's logo and original decal has become a badge to most, portraying a genuine and honest lifestyle with a steady balance of hard work, dedication and wild times. We aren't going to claim to be 'harder' than the rest, we won't claim some bullsh!t sob story about how we started. We don't brag about what we have or what we do. We live day by day, spending each moment like it’s our last. 

Freedom is what we are searching for. It can be found behind bars with a full tank of gas, halfway down the mountain knee deep in powder, at sunrise past the breakers or at midnite in the shop. It is a sought after end goal brought on by time spent with your passion.

You could love us, or hate thing is fact though, you KNOW us. We are here to stay. 

Forget 'coming for what they said we couldn't have', we are creating what ‘they’ are looking to take. 

In a world full of copies, we have been the originals. 

Unlike some other basic look-alike pop up brands, we move in silence. Social media platforms are an illusion to portray the image of success and distract the masses from the real world. In reality those falsely advertised lifestyle dreams are just that, an illusion. Stop the lies and work harder, the result will speak for itself and ‘they’ will notice without a paragraph written below your next post.

To be straight up, we are just a mixture of like-minded individuals that are chasing a similar dream or feeling of freedom. The development of Mixxit Industries as a whole can't be pinned to one individual, I like to think of it as a collective. 

More specifically, a coast to coast collective that feeds off of inherent style. Fueled by self expression, promoted by independent thinking and inspired by boards, bikes and bad decisions with a slice of perseverance, risk taking, humility and humor; we are confident that some of you will find comfort in our mayhem, madness and tragedies.

In professional terms, I guess we can consider Mixxit Industries a visual communications print company that displays a glimpse of emotion and lifestyle through in-house hand printed apparel, stickers and other American made products.

Mixxit created a dynamic statement, “for the locals, by the renegades,” that has developed into a progressive collection of artwork and inspiration from “locals” from across the country. A goal of ours is to expose the underground skillset and talent of those that may not ever be recognized. We believe in supporting those that support you, and giving the time of day to some that may be overlooked. Life is a fast paced, unfairly rigged game and it is important to take a step back, change perspective and understand that we are not here forever. Every day is a gift and every moment should be well spent and never wasted. We weren’t put here to just pay taxes and die. Dare to break the mold. Be creative, take a chance, follow us.

… after all, living life on the edge may not be the safest path, but the view is well worth it.


Continued creation in loving memory of Brian Lotito. 
Forever in our hearts...
Ride in Peace B.
Rest in Peace Josh.