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2006-09 FXST/B/S Standard, 2007-17 FLSTF/B/S Fatboy Explorer™ LS Seat

2006-09 FXST/B/S Standard, 2007-17 FLSTF/B/S Fatboy Explorer™ LS Seat

The Explorer™ LS is engineered for road warriors to ride 500+ miles of the open road in a day. It is the ultimate long-distance touring seat for Harley-Davidson cruiser models. Standard features include rider and passenger Gelcore™ Technology, a spit-cushion lumbar area designed to sit you into the Gelcore instead of hammocking your body onto the cover like most OEM and aftermarket seats on the market.  

Upgrade options include driver’s backrest, choice of thread color, rider and passenger heated options, matching sissy bar pads and more.

Our Gelcore™ Technology (explained) is a guarded company secret that no other manufacturer can duplicate. Don't be fooled by other companies foam only, air and gel stories. Our Gelcore™ is formulated and manufactured in house and is engineered to dampen, divert, and deflect energy through a mechanical process resulting in a smooth, therapeutic ride.

    •    Designed and made in the U.S.A.

    •    Gelcore™ Technology reduces tailbone pressure and increases circulation and comfort for both driver and passenger.

    •    Our tall lumbar support and wide driver saddle will support the back and legs for superior comfort, while the streamlined nose improves the rider's reach to the ground.

    •    The refined split-cushion design separates the seating surface from the lumbar support, reducing tailbone and back pressure from maximum long-range comfort.

    •    The Saddlemen Explorer LS is the perfect choice for your next trip.

    •    Adding to the comfort is our unique SaddleHyde™ covering. Manufactured specifically for motorcycles to have the right amount of stretch built in to make better use of the Gelcore™ underneath.

    •    Colored stitching is available.


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