Well... here's the scoop...

We're moving. South.

South Carolina to be more specific.

Yeah, 10 hours (by GPS) from here in Central Jersey... 

But less than one hour from Myrtle Beach,

Where the Mixxit crew will be able to infiltrate Bike Week and the local riding community.

With our growing support, we have committed to our involvement in the motorcycle industry. 


Due to our change of locations we are setting up the Mixxit Industries HQ in SC, about 20 minutes off of 95... 

We also have a few BIG things in our pocket.

Recent collaborations and partners have been developed and we are SO STOKED to be able to represent some of the artists, brands and manufacturers that we've been fortunate enough to work with.

Now, we don't want to count our eggs before they're hatched but...half of our equipment is already in the new… We grabbed a gear and hammered down. 




STORE-FRONT! Yep! New shop location means a more open workspace to be able to expand our footprint and you guessed it. A SHOWROOM


We’re proud to announce our collaboration with Saddlemen, Oakley, & First MFG Co



  • Vests
  • Oakley Backpacks
  • Saddleman Seats


Online posts may seem less frequent at times, mainly because we're driving, packing or printing. We have very little time left to spare and are working around the clock to keep up with growing orders and on-going custom work. With so much more on the way.

Persistence is key, Patience is mandatory.

This transition will be well worth the countless hours spent late at night learning our next step, perfecting our last move. The future is bright, yet frightening. Although it is a blessing in itself and we can't wait to see what's around the corner. 

Get ready for a whole new chapter on this wild ride.


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