Things to look forward to in 2021...

Publishing our first Blog post is a bit of a task over I'm going to jump right in to it...


Entry #001

2020 was a crazy year...

Many people may believe 2020 will go down as the worst year experienced yet.

Well, I guess in many cases that may be true, although there are definitely parts of it that we should forget about. Many things happened that shouldn't have happened, but with all the negative to come from that year from hell I believe there was a decent amount of positive to take away from it as well.

2020 was a year of growth.

A year that taught resilience; a test of time.

The year was packed with lessons and hidden silver linings.

It has given a reminder that tomorrow is never guaranteed and to take every moment for what it's worth. Don't procrastinate and work hard for what you love. Don't judge a book by it's cover and give everyone a chance.. 

Although 2020 was also full of smoke and mirrors, it was a year of division - race, religion, color and class.. then it became about who does and doesn't wear a mask. A year of lies and betrayals from within our state lines, a glimpse of what could be the downfall of the United States of America.

With all that has happened this year we wanted to get a little more personal with our community.

This blog section is planned to become a platform for us to share our feelings, share stories and connect with our community without censorship. 

This year, 2021, is going to be slightly different for us than previous years. We are currently in the process of a few projects that takes a lot of our screen time away.. 


Here are a few things we have to look forward to this year...


  • Be on the look out for some collab work and guest appearances. We met a bunch of really rad people throughout the last year and are really excited to share some of our experiences.


  • NEW GEAR! - always STOKED to be working with a few new creators and we have a couple things in the works, to be released soon...


  • A more personalized Instagram feed - A BIG problem we have had is believing something 'isn't good enough' to post on social media, then as a few days, and weeks go by - NOTHING becomes "good enough" to post...and there you have it, a dry social media account with no posts and a shit load of stories that "didn't make the cut."


Along with the more active posts, we plan to share some photos and footage we have captured along the way...yeah, it may not be perfect ... but ... some of the archived footage are the best memories we've ever made and I think some are worth sharing.


  • Custom printing? we love printing, it's literally what I do for fun... but this year we are taking a break from your average print jobs. We can no longer offer custom printing at this moment. We will be doing a few collaborations this year, and are always willing to work with other artists but the general custom printing portion is going to be temporarily closed. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • MORE CONTENT - we have HOURS of footage and THOUSANDS of photos to sort through. you'll see...


  • We are also going to stop giving a fuck about who copies and steals our shit. ALL LAST YEAR I would be getting photos sent to me, screen shots of captions, things people said that were direct, stolen or skewed spin offs of our creations and concepts. From here on out, we know who to trust, and who to fib, but we are gonna keep on creating and if ya wanna take our shit, just like, message us. 


  • Love Harder. - Not to get too deep, but this year we lost a Mixxit pioneer, a true friend, a brother... Brian Lotito. B left too soon and will never be forgotten. Love harder, tell your friends and family you love 'em, you never know what can happen.


  • BLOGS n VLOGS - The title says it all...


Well, I think we covered it for now.. check back for the next post n don't forget to sign up for our newsletter!


To those of you reading this, Thank you.


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