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LED Accent lighting kits look great on boats too!

See what our Marine Grade LED Accent Lighting Kit can do for your ride on the water by adding radiant and eye-catching LED lighting.

Thanks to these transformative and stylish light kits, your boat will take on a completely new look and feel that is sure to make you stand apart from other boaters when docked or out on open water at nighttime.

Assembled with marine grade heat shrink with durability and quality in mind.

Fastened with none other than 3M Adhesive and coated with a top of the line, premium coating to ensure waterproofing and preserve functionality while not compromising structural longevity.

Each of our LED kits go through a series of inspections post assembly to ensure top performance and unmatched quality on the market!

Hand-Made in South Carolina designed and created by boaters, for boaters.

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